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Trade Copy | Track Record
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This FX Track Record Performance is for the
Trade Copy Service and is NOT to be confused with the Performance of the FUTURES Trade Room.
The Track Record you see below is for a LONG TERM Investment Style of Strategy looking to
yield 3-5% PER MONTH.

This can be copied with ANY account size large or small because it trades SPOT FOREX with
No size limits.
On the other hand Vinny Emini's LIVE Trade Room is not an investment trading style but a FUTURES
INCOME generating strategy looking to
yield 1-5% PER DAY.

We want to make sure you are clear on the distinction and expectations we have on both styles and time frames of our Trade Rooms.

The Long Term Investment Strategy Seen Below is designed for the Trade Copy Service.

If you have questions or need clarifications, feel free to schedule a call with us anytime.

Vinny's Discretionary Tidal Wave Strategy Performance

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Not everyone has time to trade for themselves. ​​
Many people work full time
or don't want the stress of
executing their own trades.

Potential Solution:
Let Vinny Trade for you.
Collective2 is a trusted vendor
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that enables you to copy 
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