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NinjaTrader TRADE ROOM
Welcome to Vinny Emini's 
EGI Algorithmic NinjaTrader Trade Room. 
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Our chat room is the most awesome community of like-minded trader/entrepreneurs in the world. Using NinjaTrader Technology in the most advanced NinjaTrader Trade Room on the Net.
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Trade Room Risk Disclosure: 
JOIN the Community | NinjaTrader Trade Room
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Trade Room Risk Disclosure: 
Welcome to Vinny Emini's 
NinjaTrader EGI Algorithmic Day Trading Trade Room. 
Why we Choose NinjaTrader?
NinjaTrader has the builtin capabilities to create the most advanced trading algorithms
which includes
Following our B.O.W. Methodology
& Coding Principles
"Leveraging the NinjaTrader Platform allows coders to efficiently produce more powerful AI and implement techniques more confidently and at a faster pace using .NET
than using other inferior
coding languages such as Python, Thinkscript, etc.

NinjaTrader paired with .NET allows full access
to the Operating System and
NinjaTrader's Internal Methods expose the powerful
Components to the Trading platform
to Create highly dynamic and top performing Algorithms
to enhance the Visual queues for discretionary trading with semi automated trading systems as well as very powerful and explicit, fully automated trading systems."

These are all great and major reasons we choose
Over all other Platforms.

And THIS is why we have created this amazing :
NinjaTrader Trade Room

Welcome Aboard!